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We are active buyers of U.S coins. Below you will find some important information about your coins and how our buying process works. Thanks for visiting and considering our services. We look forward to serving you. If you have questions that are not answered here, feel free to call us at 630-761-1500.


A bit about U.S. coins


The Coinage Act, passed by Congress on April 2, 1792, created the Mint and authorized construction of a Mint building in Philadelphia. The first coins, 11,178 copper cents were delivered in March of 1793. The mint also made gold and silver coins. Over the years, several other mint facilities have opened (and some have closed). Often, the need for a new mint was brought on by the discovery of precious metals in an area far from Philadelphia.


Most U.S. coins bear a mark showing what mint produced them. However, some Philadelphia coins have no mint mark. Also, from 1965-1967 no mint marks were used by any of the Mints.


Currently Operating Mints Closed Mints
P - Philadelphia, PA CC - Carson City, NV
D - Denver, CO C - Charlotte, NC
S - San Francisco, CA D - Dahlonega, GA
W - West Point, NY O - New Orleans, LA


The United States Mint administrative offices are located in Washington D.C. While some commerative coins are produced at all four of the currently operating mints, the Philadelphia and Denver Mints primarily produce circulating coins, the San Francisco Mint produces proof coins, and the West Point Mint produces gold, silver and platinum bullion as well as proof coins. The United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox in Kentucky stores the precious metal and bullion reserves for the United States.


Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans Mints were opened in 1838. While New Orleans minted both silver and gold coins, Dahlonega and Charlotte produced only gold coins. All three were were seized during the Civil War and used to produce confederate money. They were closed after the Civil War.


The Carson City Mint was authorized in 1863 and opened in 1870 to handle the vast amounts of silver being mined in the area. It ceased minting coins in 1893.


U.S. money is based on the decimal system with the dollar being the standard measure. Coins currently in circulation include dollars, half dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. In the past there have also been half, two and three cent pieces as well as half dismes and twenty cent pieces.


U.S. gold coins come in denominations of one, two and a half (quarter eagles), five (half eagles), ten (eagles) and twenty (double eagle) dollars.



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What are my coins worth?


We understand that before you bring in or mail in your items you will have concerns on the value.


In addition to how rare or common a piece is, several other factors will affect the value.


  • Condition of the piece. We buy coins in good or better condition. Coins in poorer conditions may also have value if they are made of a precious metal or are rare.


  • Current value of silver. Coins made of precious metals will vary in value as the market price of the metal varies.


  • Grading. We pay a premium for coins that have been graded by PCGS or NGC.


  • Demand. How much current demand there is for an item and whether we have stock or are out of it will affect the value.


    What we pay


    Generally, our goal is to pay half the estimated resale value for items that resell for $25 or more. We buy all kinds of U.S. and foreign coins as well as precious metals. Common or rare, loose or in collector albums, graded or ungraded, silver or gold...


    How our buying process works


    We are not a consignment business. We buy your items outright.


    If your want to bring them in, we recommend that you Make an Appointment , so that we can have a buyer available to help you. There is no need to list your items, but if you have more than one brand or product line it helps to sort them that way. Our buyer will go through your items, give you pricing and in most cases get a check cut for you during your appointment. More expensive pieces and pieces that need to be verified as authentic may take more time.


    If like most people, you wish to mail them in, please fill out our form to get things started and let us know your items are coming. If you have enough to qualify for free shipping, we will get prepaid UPS labels to you. While items usually arrive with no problems, we occasionally have items arrive damaged. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or damaged packages. If you prefer, you are welcome to insure and ship them with the carrier of your choice at your expense, but please fill out the form anyway and include the words "self shipped" in your item description. That way we will be sure to have accurate information for sending your check.


    Once your items arrive, we will process them and mail a check to you within five business days. Please remember that once we drop the check in the mail, the amount of time to deliver the check is in the hands of the postal service. If you want to know exactly when your items arrive, please note your tracking numbers on the prepaid UPS labels and go to www.ups.com to track them.




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